lunedì 19 ottobre 2009

I am attending a course of English Literature, and, of course I am studying "Romeo and Juliet" by Shakespeare. Now I'm going to watch the film with Leonardo di Caprio, to have an idea, and to see how different the book and the movie are (even because I think the movie takes place in time period, doesn't it?). Well, and do you know the song, the soundtrack "Kissing you" by Des'ree? I love that song! You can find it --> here

I had a wonderful weekend back home, Miele has grown so much, but she also bites!!

I made colorful cupcakes, and next weekend I'm going to make a lot of them for my mum's birthday..

Saturday Roberto and I went to the cinema, we saw "Up", it was so much fun!!

Ok, I have to sell my old books, and I'm going to study History..
This evening I am planning to make something for my mum's birthday with Fimo.. mmh.. I need ideas!!

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