lunedì 21 febbraio 2011

Project 365 - Week 9

I've skipped one week of publishing the photos on my blog, but they're all on my flickr photostream.
Here they are.
I am not feeling in a blog attitute right now, I feel like I am doing a big mess in here, I've to figure out what I want to do with this, maybe I'll start a new, better defined project anywhere soon.
Who knows..

57/365 03022011
First day of freedom involved straightening my hair, using creams and lotions, taking a long shower, seeing Roberto for a drink and eat something together.

58/365 04022011
Day two of freedom involved this cream, the sun, some magazines, some crafty ideas, baking bread and journaling =)

59/365 05022011
A day for painting, having fun with my nephew, blogging and seeing a friend from High School. Fun.
He loves cupcakes, did you notice?

60/365 06022011
A sunny day packed with blogging before leaving and panning the trip to London. Finished a painting and enjoyed the weather.

61/365 07022011
The day before leaving for London. In Turin there were 13 °C, hot for February.

62/365 08022011
At Milano Malpensa waiting for the check in to open

63/365 09022011
The real old-fashioned double decker


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  1. Aw looks like a good few days :) Love the pic of the bus xx

  2. love this look!

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