mercoledì 26 gennaio 2011

Project 365 - Week 7

I haven't got much to tell you about this week. I just survived on tea and books. Today I had three exams, I am so glad they're over! Now I still have one more to go, for which I have to read six books. But for today I'm going to relax a bit, and since it's already evening, I think that will mean, I'll sleep. Tomorrow I'll catch an early train back home and start studying again.

43/365 20012011
It was so cold today, after these few days of mild weather. It was super windy and I stayed homw the whole day to study and did nothing else. I am looking forward for these exams to finish and go to London! =)

44/365 21012011
Roberto and I went to the pub where we used to spend almost every evening some years ago. There's where he first gave me his hand and where we went on our first dates. It was a lovely evening and we had this special, sweet beer, I loved it! =)

45/365 22012011
First thing in the morning we had a wonderful breakfast with a 5 cereals focaccia and a latte macchiato for me and a cappuccino for Roberto. Then we headed back home because I had to study. I studied unti late in the afternoon and then we went out for a drink in the evening.

46/365 23012011
I baked bread, and I studied, that's all I can remember from that day. Study is overwhelming me and it's as if I am living in a sort of limbo. It's a pity because I think I won't remember that much of the thing I do during these day, even if they may be nice.

47/365 24012011
This is the list of some of the authors I had to study for the English Literature test II. I had to know also all their works, the period they lived in, their lives, the history of the period and the plot of each and every single of their works. Fortunately there was a pretty sun that day, I studied outside enjoying it for 10 minutes. Then I went back inside.

48/365 25012011
Why do we have a Helly Kitty ball around the house? I don't know, I don't like Hello Kitty. If you want the answer you could ask my father, he bought it. Oh, he bought two of them.

49/365 26012011
This was a solid help today. I had three exams. Two of German, Grammar and "Textarbeit" (we were allowed to use the monolingual dictionary, for the second part only. And an English Literature Exam. I cam home exhausted. Now I still have one week to go, and then we'll leave for London. =)


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