giovedì 28 ottobre 2010


This is Miele (meaning "Honey"), she is the cutest little cat in the world.
I loved her since the first day I saw her. I saw her the day she was born and followed her growth day by day. I fought with my mother several times because I wanted to adopt her so much. It was a year ago, and I was behaving like a little girl of 5 years old, because she was already part of my life. She is the "daughter" of Roberto's cat, Briciola (the one on the background).
I won the battle at last and I brought her home in September 2009. (here a year ago, when she was only a few years old)
We already had a cat home, a more serious, less funny and sweet, but oh so cute too, black cat, Monster. He hated Miele, they fought, I even got scratched on the face by him because he was jealous.
They slowly became friends, and finally they begun playing and sleeping together, even if fights still took place on a daily basis.

Well, why do I tell you this story?

Miele has been missing since sunday 17 october. I have lots of hope that she will just jump out of the bushes somewhere to scare us, like she used to do. But it has been 11 days already.
I don't know what to say, I try not thinking about it, I think she'll come back again.
But if I am realistic, and think she might not come back ever again, I get really sick, I get dizzy and get a lump in my throat. I could just start crying and don't stop ever again.
I just miss her, seeing her was heartwarming and comforting in a way.
I chose her, I chose her name, I love her. And I miss her so much.

Please please please Miele, come back, little monster of mine!


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