domenica 13 giugno 2010

Did you notice that Summer really really arrived?
I am so happy about it!
I love swimming in warm water, seeing the dawn without trembling, going on the bike with Roberto, going to the beach and sunbathing (even if I cannot stand it for more than 2 hours), etc.
And most of all I love fruit.
My mum and I decided to pick the cherries from the tree. This year hasn't been a great one for the ripening of fruit, poor trees, they have gone through snow, wind, warm and cold, hail and so on.
The nature surrounding us is beautiful, and I had to take some pictures to show everyone where I live: in paradise.

Some days ago I was reading this post written by Vera, and I thought it was a cute idea to make some jars. Yesterday Roberto and I had one hour before I had to go working, so we made three jars.

It took just ten minutes, so they aren't the most beautiful, but I think they are pretty.

2 commenti:

  1. yay!! een beetje late reactie ha ha. Je jars zijn leuk geworden! Zo makkelijk te maken en lekker in je eigen stijl xD Ik zou zeggen ga er lekker van genieten!! Bedoelde je met bye to my two blogreaders, dat je gaat stoppen met je blog? Jammer :( Ik wens je alle goeds!

    tot ziens op twitter of op mijn blog :) XO. Vera

  2. Ahah, nee hoor, alleen maar dat niemand leest, eigenlijk alleen mijn moeder ahah! Ik ga zeker door, ook al leest niemand is het gewoon een plekje voor mij om leuke dingen die ik mee maak te herinneren en delen. Nou dank je voor het idee nog! ^^