lunedì 5 ottobre 2009


Here I am. I was just reading some blogs, and I thought I should write every day, or at least every two days. The fact is that I really don't find the time. If I have two minutes between my history book and the lectures, I clean up my house, or I craft something.. The new year has began.
I have a lot of ideas in my mind, but here in Turin I have no neddles, no yarn..nothing. And, yes, I go home every 2 weeks, but in the train I cannot bring a lot of things, surely I cannot bring a sewing machine ^^. But, I brought all my Fimo with me, so I can make at least something.

Last week I made chocolate cupcakes, with dark chocolate icing. Mmhhh!!! Everyone wants more! ahah..! I'll post the pictures when I'll have the connecting cable of my camera -.-
These are faboulous cupcakes I found in a fantastic icing-world.

( ).
Tomorrow some friends will come here, so I am planing to make a lot of nice cupcakes!

I was also skimming the new Ikea catalogue, and I found a lot of things I want to have, absolutely!! All those colours, the fabrics, the cute bowls, etc. I have to say that I always like much more the things which are in the section "kids". ^^

Oh, well. My cat is growing!! She's always playing, it's so funny!
She thinks everything is moving, she plays with her shadow, and with her tail..ahahah..!I took this picture in one of the few moments that she was calm. =). Isn't she beautiful (qhen she sleeps?)
Ok, I have to go to the library, buying, I think, 10 books. It's cold!! Brr..!!
Bye.. !! I hope I can write more often..!!

A little freeeeeezing Froggy.

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